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     Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) are a valuable source of funding for card accepting merchants.

       It provides a fast, accurate and proven method for businesses to gain access to working capital by tapping into their future Visa and MasterCard sales. 

      An MCA is an alternative financing alternative for small and medium size businesses.  It is a factoring product involving the purchase of the merchants future credit card receivables.

      A Merchant Cash Advance buys a fixed amount of a merchants future Visa and MasterCard sales volume, typically at a discount of 26% to 31%. 

      In return the merchant will receive a lump sum of immediate cash that is wired directly into their bank account.

      The merchant sells off their credit card receivables on a daily basis to Merchant Cash Advance.  The merchants batch is debited daily (via ACH) for a specific percentage (average is 25%) until the full purchase amount has been reached (typically over a 6 to 8 month period).


       MCAs are a valuable source of funding for card accepting merchants.

       Easy access to cash

      Merchants can apply in less than 3 minutes

      Merchants can qualify for 1 to 3 times their monthly credit card volume (average advance is 150% of monthly credit card volume)

      Very little paperwork

      Over 85% of qualified MPS merchants are approved

      Merchants are funded within 6 to 9  business days

      Merchants can use the money as they see fit (i.e., expansion, inventory, pay down debt, purchase POS system, etc.)


 Your merchants receive immediate and totally unsecured working capital to support their growth.

      No personal guarantees for repayment

      No security interest taken in home, business, equipment, or inventory

      No UCC-1 filing

      No points or upfront fees (i.e., finder fees, broker fees)

      No fixed monthly payments

      No coupons or checks to write

      No impact on their ability to qualify for other financing

      No business use restrictions on the funding

      No hassles - quick application & fast funding



 Merchants can use the advance for any business purposes.

       Common uses for the MCA include:


      Equipment purchases

      Business expansion

      Marketing & Advertising


      Tax obligations


      Emergency expenses

      POS systems

 Basic Eligibility Requirements

          In business > 1 Year

      More than $3,500/month of processing volume minimum.

      Must batch out/deposit > 12 days per month

      Minimum of 9 months remaining on lease

      No open bankruptcy

      Not on MasterCards MATCH list



        Average Advance = $23,000

      Average Amount of Card Receivables Purchased = $31,050

      Discount Paid on Receivables = 26% (for the 6 month program) and 31% (for the 8 month program)

      Average Payback Timeframe = 6 or 8 months

      Average Daily Receivables Purchased = 20% - 25%


Calculated Scenario: (6 month program)

Merchant Advance =  $10,000

Payback Amount = $13,500

($10,000 = 74% of $13,500 thus discount rate is 26%)

Cost of Cash Advance: $3,500 / 180 days = $20.00 per day       


      Rules of Thumb:

      Maximum Payback < 10% of daily gross sales (i.e., all forms of payment)

      Maximum Daily Payback Percentage, 50% of batch totals



       What is the interest rate?

          There is no interest rate on our product.  Its an advance, not a loan.  We charge a one-time flat fee.  The way it works is we give you an advance based on your Visa/MasterCard business-and we charge a one time fee.  The way you pay us back is we take a small percentage of your V/MC transactions, until your balance with us is settled.  Thats it. For example, if we gave you 10k and were taking 15% of your Visa/MasterCard transactions, every time a customer swipes their card for $100, 15% (or $15 in that case) would come to us until your account was settled.  The good thing is that if you have a slow month of business, youre not penalized.  Your balance that we quote up front never gets higher.

      How much is the fee?

          We understand that all businesses are unique.  Thats why we require the last 4 consecutive months of your Visa/MasterCard statements to run a quote. Once received, I can give you a call within minutes with the amount we can get you and the exact cost to you.  Then youll be able to make a decision on your business future.

      How are my payments determined?

          The great thing about Merchant Cash Advance is that there are no fixed payments. We simply receive an agreed upon percentage of your Visa/MasterCard sales until the advance has been paid. For example, if our daily percentage is 15% and you make a $100 V/MC sale, we get $15.00 from that sale. This simple process is repeated until the balance is paid.usually within 6 to 8 months.  Do you have your last 4 months of V/MC statements?

       How much can I qualify for?

          We determine the amount we can offer you based upon the average of your last 4 V/MC statements.  Once you send me those statements, I can call you with an specific offer and we can get your advance started. Its that easy!

      What if I dont need any money now?

          No Problem. The chances that this is the exact day that you were looking to raise some extra capital are pretty slim.  This is to simply introduce this concept to you so that when you did have a need, you would know who to callSo Ask yourself this if I had an extra $25,000 to put into my business, how would I spend it/what would I do to improve my business?

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