About Us

About Lion Communications, LLC

Lion Communications, LLC has been providing point-of-sale software, point-of-sale hardware, installation, setup, configuration, training and consulting services as well as technical support and merchant accounts and other services to small and medium-sized retail businesses since 1996.

We specialize only in point-of-sale. This allows us to be experts in what we do and we maintain an extensive knowledgebase of issues and fixes that may not be available to others in the industry. We are confident that we know what we are doing without hesitation.

Our expertise has allowed us to also to train other point-of-sale dealers and receive numerous referrals from software development companies, hardware distributors, and most importantly, from existing customers. One does not survive in the point-of-sale industry without being good at what we do. The majority of our customer base over the last 8 to 9 years has been from referrals.

Our customer base consists of the Girl Scout Councils shops throughout the USA, numerous colleges, law schools, museums, racetracks, golf and sporting goods shops, vitamin stores, liquor stores, clothing stores, perfume shops, gift shops of all types and convenience stores, etc. many of which have been longtime customers from the 1990s. Our main company office is in Hermitage Tennessee. We also maintain a Tampa Florida presence and we have long time, loyal customers nationwide from Key West, Florida to California.

We are a Microsoft Partner, certified in Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ. We are an original beta tester for a product called QuickSell Commerce which Microsoft purchased in 2003 and converted eventually into the Microsoft Dynamics RMS and RMS HQ products. We receive a number of referrals from Microsoft, as well as from various hardware distributors and existing customers because of our expertise with RMS and point-of-sale.

We are a certified Apple and Android Developers and are a Vantiv Integrated Solutions Partner and Vantiv Integrated Solutions Developer. We are also a member of the Retail Service Providers Association (RSPA).

Our company provides the majority of our services using remote access tools such as Lioncom Quick Support as well as through our website which has hidden directories for software downloads, Custom RMS and RMS HQ Reports and RMS Receipts etc. With it being 2016, we make the best use of the latest technology to provide fast and efficient service without waiting for someone to make a service call. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 AM -- 7 PM Eastern Standard Time (holidays excluded). Other times, including weekends and holidays can be done by appointment. Our voicemail and e-mail accounts are monitored on weekends and holidays for our customers to provide critical support.